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Cleaner Concepts isn’t the largest cleaning company located on the Isle of Palms and Edisto Island, but it’s the oldest we know of.  We’ve gotten to be the oldest by helping homeowners, like yourself, day after day, year after year, for the last 20 years.  Our staff has been with us for extended periods of time, and this lends itself, along with our inspection structure,  to consistency in the quality of our services. 

We strive to give you one area that you need never be concerned with….your home’s cleanliness….especially with guest’s arrivals & departures in the mix.  After all,  the reason you purchased your vacation home was to spend time vacationing and not to have the associated responsibilities eat up that quality time you’d intended to spend relaxing with friends and family.

Everyday, we see more and more families making Vacation Rental Property the cornerstone of their investment plans.  It is with this understanding that we approach the relationship with each Homeowner.  The first impression a vacation home gives to rental guests often determine the respect with which they treat the property.  We’d like to facilitate your home’s best treatment.  Even residences that receive heavy Summertime use can stay looking crisp & clean with the appropriate schedule of services.

We at Cleaner Concepts understand that when we help build long term relationships with homeowners and satisfied rental guests, we can ensure similar connections for ourselves. Unusual situations or special requests are dealt with everyday, graciously.  It has always been our policy to offer services that bridge the gaps that occur in this industry and facilitate real customer service.

Review our services, and call with any questions.  We look forward to working with you and your family!

To contact us:

Isle of Palms:
Phone: (843)886-6957
Fax: (843)216-8237
Email: InfoIsleofPalms

Edisto Island:
Phone: (843)869-3639
Fax: (843)869-1530
Email: InfoEdistoIsland


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