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Departure Cleaning

-Cleaning and disinfecting all baths.
-Cleaning and disinfecting all kitchen surfaces.
-Thoroughly cleaning appliances in and out.
-Cleaning and replacing properly all soiled dishes, glassware; pots and pans, ect..
-Thoroughly cleaning cabinet exteriors and removing food debris inside drawers/cabinets and straightening contents.
-Launder and replace all small rugs; kitchen towels or hot bads as necessary
-Vacuum all rugs and carpeted areas thoroughly, moving all lighter furniture that is not secured to floor and sweeping under larger pieces. Furniture that is secured to floor will be cleaned underneath as possible.
-Sweep and mop bare floors, thoroughly.
-Dust all furniture and clean all mirrors.
-Make all bed with privided linens; checking mattress pads for cleanliness.
-Wash any soiled mattress pads and replace on beds.
-Clean glass on all entry/exit doors throughout house.
-Clean glass on all windows on beach side of house that are accessible (without screens and within reach) off porches.
-Clean glass on interiors if visibly soiled by handprints.
-Straighten and wipe down exterior furniture, on porches, ect...
-Dust blinds and window frames periodically to maintain cleanliness.
-Inspect underneath area of house for garbage/debris. Garbage cans brought to street for city pickup as requested by owner.

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