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Of course,  many homeowners will have their own linen supplies.  However, many homeowners will be renting their homes, and have no exact idea about what is standard for the hospitality industry.

Standards do vary, but using common sense, one can state that it is reasonable to expect two bath towels per person that a rental home sleeps.  We can  also assume that at least one if not two wash cloths per person is appropriate. Hand Towels and Bath Mats are a bit more up in the  air.  Generally, you would expect 1 hand towel per person, and 1 Bath Mat per Bath….two if  there is a Jacuzzi or separate shower.

Off Site Servicing

Your vacation home may be either too large or too small to have linens serviced on site.  To accommodate these problems you can change  or add appliances at your residence to overcome this problem.  There is another solution.  Two sets of linen can be purchased and one serviced off site.  Actually, two and a half  sets are truly necessary.

Pricing for off-site servicing for linen can be contracted for approximately .70 per lb of finished, dry linen.  The service contractor is a respected, local business owner of long standing.  Linens are delivered and stored on site prior to your next arrival/departure.*

Just ask and we can forward you information related to these services.

* Offsite linen service available at Isle of Palms location only.


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